Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Mini handbags are more like a hand-pull package

Marc Jacobs three colors and small, like a summer rainbow, giving a cordial warmth. Although the bag capacity is relatively small, but may from time to hand in rough, chic bag buckle with neon colors would make me attractive.

Price: 165 U.S. dollars

Marni handbags are well known, is now more related to modern geometric shapes, because the exaggerated appearance attracted our attention. Released out of its bag when alerted the entire fashion industry, the bright colors, geometric shape, seen from afar like a huge green diamond. This bright, this outstanding leather, afraid to leave fingerprints and India are not careful.

Price: 1265 U.S. dollars

As first-line of the big Coach, coach handbags style and European-style design is slightly different. Francine Handbag of the United States with a dense flavor. In terms of design from the classic double-C printing design, full color leather with brass hardware, plus the old color, forming a D shape of the handbag word.

Emerald green Price: 798 U.S. dollars white price: 898 U.S. dollars

Coach luxurious crocodile handbags, all manufactured from crocodile skin, there are bronze, silver, and red colors. This bag features the "strong", there are cell phone pocket Suede lining bags, rings bags and bags before the two outside pockets, metal chain link crocodile leather strap handle.

Price: 7000 U.S. dollars

Chloe alternative for this mixed bag of comments, either absolutely love or absolutely do not like it, just like LV Morard, Bonbon, like these two series of handbags, there is no showing off the big names, style, color match lack of coordination, design alternative. From the profile view of this bag, such as mending the car a few random bags of buttons, is said to be a new design philosophy.

Price: 1560 U.S. dollars

LV watch this year's spring and summer line, I feel this gives the unique feeling of handbags, water color printing LV classic old floral pattern, handbag leather are pink, hand is brown snake skin, the middle print Louis Vuitton bags trademarks of others. This bag is the LV handbag highlights the most this summer, there are orange, red and yellow color options

Price: 2200-3600 USD

Watercolor handbag in April after the 2008 spring and summer quarter, we're all familiar Monogram canvas once again to introduce new Galliera bag. Monogram handbags, compared with previous two, this streamlined bag full of brass LV bag before a trademark license, match the length of an adjustable shoulder strap, pocket micro fiber lining replica handbags wholesale.

Large Price: 1360 U.S. dollars Medium Price: 1180 U.S. dollars

LV new colors are very lovely canvas bag. With pink, green, purple, and white rice in four colors.

Price: £ 550.

The Mini handbags, more like a hand-pull package. All Black handbag Tod's Mini can overflow its grace, the entire section is nylon handbags, bags in front of a zipper pocket, can hold coins or coins, and a wrist strap.

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