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No. 11 on behalf of Jordan shoes

19th generation was born in Jordan, Jordan shoes, I completely left the arena after. It to the world's most powerful black eyes loafing as a design concept, sneakers are all showing an overall feeling of the ball of the trapeze style fast, accurate and relentless style of the king.

Was born in February 2005 the 20th generation of Michael Jordan shoes will be a complete career and Jordan shoes, Jordan identifies the use of laser technology to be interpreted into the uppers and soles, on behalf of the Jordan brand of shoes to commemorate the 20th anniversary, but also Michael Jordan Basketball career enrichment.

Jordan pairs of shoes each has its own distinct personality and characteristics. No. 1 on behalf of Jordan shoes, was born in 1985, when it was at that time or because of a violation of the provisions of the Alliance of shoes color standards, met with NBA League to compel prohibited.

Year and a half later, the first three-generation Jordan shoes in the spring is born. This shoe combines first-class new technology and the most attractive appearance, in the shoe heel Department has artificial snake skin pattern and eye-catching NikeAir mark.

4th generation born in Jordan shoes in February 1989, on the upper mesh designed to make the shoe look extremely trendy and unique design allows wearer fixed with the pace of abnormal smooth.

A year later, the first five-generation Jordan shoes, had a significant technical improvement, it has unique shoelaces fixed design and transparent rubber sole, which could play a high level of grip.
Rich in revolutionary innovative 7th generation Jordan shoes, was born in February 1992, this shoe fit of the chloroprene rubber flexible liner let "appropriate" is a new definition.

No. 8 on behalf of Jordan shoes, was born in February 1993, this cross-lace shoes, a fixed system enhances fit and stability jordan shoes.

9 years of more intensive and created a simple molding the 9th generation of the classic Jordan shoes. Jordan himself involved in the design of this shoe, but it was his first double is not in the race through the Jordan shoes.

Article 10 in the whole generation of Michael Jordan shoes NIKE shoes equipped with a unique shock absorber system, shoelaces are Fast tie-down design. At the same time, designers are still above the soles of the Jordan's career record of the greatest achievements, makes this collection pairs of sports shoes with special significance.

No. 11 on behalf of Jordan shoes, was born in November 1995, this shoe key features are: quick lace system, a full-length Air Sole unit and a carbon fiber support board. Jordan wore a pair of sneakers that he won an NBA comeback since the first championship.

Rich in revolutionary 12th-generation jordan shoes for the first time is equipped with shock absorbers ZOOMAIR unit system, but because it is the first time using this new technology, shock absorber, so damping effect, and has not met the expected results. However, its simple streamlined design style make up for shortcomings in performance, but also for Jordan won a fifth championship has achieved a lot.

No. 13 on behalf of Jordan shoes, Jordan more than any of the past is even more lightweight shoes fit. This shoe uses a modified version of ZOOMAIR cushion, and is equipped with a unique JUMPMAN holographic trapeze signs, carbon fiber sole to the wearer on the pitch to be more impetus.

Article 14 on behalf of Jordan shoes to Jordan's car --- TheFerrari550Maranello as a source of inspiration. The similarities of their expression in the same aerodynamic curves, mesh vents, sleek Ferrari-style logo. Shoes designed to take full account of the internal high-speed movement and rapid cut into the basket when the right ankle protection. The leather uppers are very thin cover, shoes lateral side of the suture is more effective in strengthening the coated uppers and supportive. PHYLON midsole, coupled with the whole palm of the ZoomAir cushion to make shoes more paste, the more cushioning ability. Made of wear resistant rubber outsole and herringbone patterns provide a good friction.

A year later, inspired by the X-15 supersonic fighter the 15th generation of the birth of Jordan shoes, which uses a different shoes and previous manufacturing process: first use of woven mesh upper combination, the additional increase in heel cushion ZOOMAIR some stability. It is worth mentioning is that this pair of shoes at the heel and soles are marked with a number of other figures --- the meaning of Jordan's jersey number 23 as Jordan to obtain the title number six, as well as Jordan's my birthday 2 / 17.

No. 16 on behalf of Jordan shoes, was born in February 2001, this shoe is the first use of detachable shoe cover of the AIRJORDAN sneakers, this new design concept can make the perfect shoes to switch on the external field training shoes and the shoes inside the game between the .

Jordan, Jordan shoes at the 17th generation of the design once again played an important role in --- he knows that he will wear this jordan shoes wholesale in the market to continue to flame go, so he purposely created a pair of their favorite performance of the new shoes. The shoe's design takes its inspiration from the jazz --- soles made of sturdy shoes provide a stable foundation, while in upper material covered with a dynamic, fully embodies the style of play Jordan strive for perfection.

No. 18 on behalf of Michael Jordan shoes are a pair of Jordan expressed a totally unique style and personal charisma of the top basketball cheap jordans shoes. Designers believe that Michael Jordan on the court by revealing elegant movements and gestures between the temperament is Cikuan shoes to be a major feeling passed. AJ18's special significance lies in the game it will be Jordan's last pair of boots, because due to age and health reasons, Jordan has already made it clear that the end of this season will never retire.

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