Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raphael's Portrait Painting Phi Scarf Girl

19 said: Phi scarf girl
Period: about 1516
Creator: Italy
Specification: 85cm × 64cm
Materials: fabric paint
Keep possession at: Florence, Peter Di Gong Tibetan
"Phi Sand towel girl" also known as "Winter Nuowei Latta," rumored to Raphael's portrait painted for the loved one. Painter painting using a very rich language, full color performance, each showing a meticulous are serious about: girls flashing eyes, serene and smiling slightly with Qian's face ... ... the use of luxurious dress hundred folds Qianjiang and silver tone to the performance, with skin the color of the symbol. This bold use of bright color to transform the way the show Raphael's ease of use painting, oil painting in the 16th century in the West it is first. Due to the true object-based, work depicts an idealized female components to reduce, remove the unnecessary mystery, and enhance the image of realism, but with an ordinary shape of the aesthetic ideal of women.

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