Sunday, September 4, 2011

Farmers Site Performance Situation

Miller completed in 1857, "Gleaners," was originally a summer harvest work in rural areas described a very ordinary scene, but it was the artistic effect produced, but far beyond expectations of the artist.
The original painting entitled "August." Performance is a harvest scene so rich and beautiful natural scenery of rural labor and the farmers formed a contrast to the bitterness. Close to Miller, several social activists see the valuable painting in the real, it is recommended to modify the composition until the last artist on the prospect of only three tablets of Gleaners peasant image. This change, actually make society work produced amazing results.
Farmers site performance situation, "Gleaners" in the Salon exhibition, the bourgeois public opinion, aroused widespread attention. Some critics wrote the article said: Here is a painter Yun political intent, the painting of the farmers protest. Was published in the newspaper commented: "These three Gleaners so pretentious, just like the fate of the three divisions of the goddess." "Le Figaro" on an article or even sensational, said: "These three prominent in the haze of the sky behind the front of the Gleaners, a riot of swords and guns and the people of the guillotine in 1793. "

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