Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Spirit of Abstract Expressionist Painting and Nature

Pollock painting within a painting via the way in which the subconscious influence, after the arbitrary creation, at just one go, of course, which also runs by way of the artist's conscious control, but he will perception that there is normally a quite minor place close to the .

When writing, he generally is going to get a big canvas close to the wall as well as the flooring of his big canvas through the stage show, as he himself said: "My purpose is not out of your easel within painting Before, I would almost undoubtedly not taut canvas, I select to not tighten the canvas nailed toward the wall challenging and close to the ground, I need the sort of challenging surface area spot resistance force, drawing close to the floor, I seriously really feel much much more relaxed I think and draw closer, much much more like a painting element mostly simply because that way I can proceed near for the painting, starting with four sides through the show to start, then progressively close to toward the 'heart, is absolutely within painting. "final phrase expressed the essence of Pollock's actions painting, within a sense, also expressed the spirit of abstract expressionist painting and nature. Abstract expressionist paintings produced within 1950s the United States, expressed as an abstract technique to connect their feelings, that is characterized sway in bold colours close to the canvas within improvement of even much much more arbitrary, so recognised as "Action Painting" .

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