Thursday, August 11, 2011

Expression in a Human World, "the Absolute Emotional High" - Newman and "Adam"

This is a huge work, brown stone colors covered the entire screen, but, three different widths of the red line to break the calm brown stone color, so that the screen produces a feeling of jumping. This is representative of Newman's work, "Adam" in its entirety. Screen, the extreme form has been simplified to an incredible extent, traditional painting techniques and aesthetic artists have all been abandoned, it seems only for people to sketch out the image of the mark, and the rest taken up by viewers to feel, to understand to think.

Newman said that this piece as a "zipper", looked carefully, despite their different widths, right of the screen giving the impression of a smooth thin bright red line, perfect; middle of the screen is slightly flawed; the left side of the screen of it appears to have lost the rigorous side of the boundaries, there is a rough feeling. In this work, Newman's performance is to land, and red theme, the theme of the elements of the birth of Adam is naturally presented. Newman is the American abstract painter best known representatives of Minimalism, his work behind the screen trying to guide people to feel some kind of concise and order, because it is the human mind with occasional flashes of spirituality and mystery are inextricably linked. Meanwhile, Newman will explain his work to the audience to provide direct experience with the "desire of the noble and natural person" and "absolute feeling and emotion" relevant. In 1948 he published the article "noble, now," claimed: "I work generated by the image, is to show the real and specific self-certification, they can be rid of those nostalgic glasses of history to understand people . "Therefore, the Newman's paintings marks the modern art from the" color field painting, "abstract expressionism to the change, but his history of the development of contemporary art has experienced a very long time to 'gradually been recognized. This is because, in the 20th century, throughout the 1930s, Newman's artistic career is almost stagnant, he did not participate in government-funded art project, which was not considered a true artist, for the simple reason, because he did not Government labels. The 20th century, 40 years later, Newman threw himself into the re-start the creation of modern art, he destroyed all his previous works, and began to explore a new artistic experiments. Until the late 1940s, personal style of painting gradually stand out, his creation has also been called "one world." Especially those on the screen a single color from a bright color extends from the top down, the Ministry has been in the end the end, this is his abstract expressionist painting of the basic features. His representative works are "one world", "Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue," and so on.

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