Sunday, July 31, 2011

Unique Style of Korean Painting Landscape Painting Landscape Masterpiece Comparable to Western

Korean painting itself Hangzhou Spring 2007 auction for the first time appeared to be a social unanimous praise, Taiwan and South Korea optimistic about the prospects of Korean painting collection, a rich collection of Korean painting. These quality level in China's Korean painting, the art is an untapped gold mine, were not carried out speculation and market development, a very high appreciation potential of a new hot spot for art collections, and has a very high investment value.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists present, Bo Po Art Network is the largest art sales platform, is the Korean art in the largest joint marketing platform, network and Bo Po Mansudae creative arts community, the Central Fine Arts Club and the White Tiger Trade cooperation clubs, has the largest Korean artists resources, many of whom are artists of outstanding feats Korea, very powerful artist. Bo Po is also focused on the Korean art of network communication between the artist, so can the artists created works of art, painting a comprehensive and profound knowledge and understanding, making Korea the majority of oil painting art lovers are familiar with and understand.
Oil paintings porcelain making money online miscellaneous jade artists of course, the market gradually opening up the Korean painting, oil painting degree from North Korea has the temperament and style, subject matter mostly Korean artists and the source of life, to show life in the most pure, most beautiful things, especially in landscape painting is particularly evident on the performance of the Korean landscape painting works of many artists is their country's landscape, such as Babaoshan, etc., they used the emotional interpretation of the most sincere feelings of love for the motherland, the painting style pure and natural, simple, and its composition, brushwork and colors reflect Korea's unique aesthetic standards, aesthetic, people began waiting from the early fascination with the Western style of landscape painting began to move to a more pure and elegant style of Korean painting, which is Art in Bo Po net sales data is a clear feature on the show.

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