Monday, August 29, 2011

New Landscape Oil Painting of Corot

If we see that hidden in Collection of "Mengte Fontaine's boatman," a painting, it is easy to understand this. "Mengte Fontaine's boatman," created in 1865-1870 years, selected with the "Mengte Fontaine memories," the same motif, constitute a similar picture, but in some places had been changed. Painter waters widened part of the composition in the middle of a more open, while the slope in the distance on the addition of a small temple, the people left from the three into one, and then also brighten the slope, reflection and shadow. Screen is still like "Mengte Fontaine memories" shrouded in silver and transparent general tone, filled with obscure and poetic. However, these changes place while filling the screen changes the structure of Corot in terms of lines, shape, mass, tone, and characters are reflective of the bricks cast frame structure, he arranged them according to abstract principles, to study the natural structure. And this structural change has brought a change in mood, in contrast seems to "Mengte Fontaine boatman" is even more cool some.

Corot landscape of the late 19th century's most influential and popular paintings, but also for the landscape to establish a new model.

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