Thursday, August 18, 2011

Degas and the Modern Art

As Renoir said: "Degas for" dance classes "a painting and enjoy the performance of the dynamic character of the master's reputation." Goncourt in an interview with French writer, said with emotion after Degas: "I have seen people, only his most brilliantly captures the atmosphere of modern life and modern spirit. "Degas painting to explore not only diligent, but also good at drawing on the strengths of others to supplement their own inadequate. With the art of his sincere and tireless efforts towards the success of history painting for the world to add a new page, the early development of modern art have made outstanding contributions, as generations of descendants admired master.

Degas (Edgar Degas, 1834 ----1917), was born in Paris, France, ancestors engaged in banking, is a local aristocratic family. Music-loving father, a good family environment made him grow a strong arts culture, 21 years old to enter the Academy of Fine Arts. The 1870s had lived with his family in the United States for some time, in the United States continue to show in Paris during the mind racing, ballet and opera, and completed a lot of work. To the 1890s, his work is almost dominated by women - the dancers and all kinds of models. He also accepted some of the spirit of Impressionist paintings, works that are often based on material and memory in the chamber. Had participated in the Impressionist exhibition of eight seven times, the development of early modern art had a significant impact, but also made a great contribution to knock.

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