Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The first major movement In American — NFL

From the acticle NFL jerseys

NFL is referred to as the National Football League, the Chinese may also be known as the NFL jerseys wholesale . A total of 32 league teams, the Federation is divided into two: American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC). Each Federation has 16 teams, divided into four sub-division: the eastern, southern, western and northern parts. Each sub-division has four teams.

Venue for 100 yards long and 53 yards wide. The playing field in the thin white line is called line of code to help players, referees and spectators to understand the offensive side of the course of the ball forward. Venue where the most important is probably the end zone, it is the score line on both sides of the playing field no longer extends 10 yards of their respective regions. This region is the scoring area. When the ball the other side of the ball into the end zone, they score a.

NFL jerseys wholesale, the game on both sides of the 11 players, one offensive group, the other is a defensive team. The purpose of the offensive group, as far as possible to position the ball to each other forward, scored for crossing the line into the end zone scoring the other. There are two ways to attack, the players ran the ball forward (red ball), or air pass (pass).

The purpose of the other defense groups to prevent, as far as possible to attack each other and force the other party the right to lose the ball. If the offense scores or the loss of one party the right to ball, the two sides exchange of offensive and defensive team, that is, the original defense team put on the offensive side, and replaced the original offensive side of the defensive group.

The competition is divided into four, each 15 minutes, the first section between 1,2 and 3,4 between sessions, the rest two minutes, the first 2,3 to rest 12 minutes between sessions. Team members in front of the ball to the other side of the ball scoring a touchdown District 6; also a location for another ball, such as the positioning of kick the ball over the crossbar each other, but also can be a 1 minute, other cases have a 3 shot ; ball players were out of the end line Shou Fang, Shou-Fang 2 points. When the ball 4 times by the other players can not fall forward 10 yards, the kick-off by the other party. Finally, one more victory points.

Sometimes, NFL is also known as the franchise, NFL jerseys wholesale  because they are private investment, in accordance with the mode of operation of the company. It is the most famous of the United States Football League career, it also has the largest number of fans. Others have tried and NFL Union competition, but failed to get as big as NFL’s support, has so many fans. NFL every year attracts tens of millions of people watch on. NFL’s final days, that is, Super Bowl, the biggest event throughout the United States, and even referred to as the informal National Day.


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